Each time success seems within your reach, whatever it is that you deem success is, do you get what you want?  And having worked so hard for the successful “end result”, do you feel anger, sad, resentful and bad about the loss of no successful result?

What if you are the one who is keeping the success, the result you want, from taking place??

Resistance can make us miserable.  Our own resistance to change, even when we are sure that the change is what we want…

Frustrating and most certainly habitual…this type of recurring outcome can feel really familiar and terrible.  Some questions you might ask are: 

  • Well, how the “hell” hard do I have to work to create success?
  • How are “those people” creating success and I can’t seem to
    get a break?
  • Where is the personal best result that I have strived for, for
    such a long time?
  • This always happens to me…I just can’t get it together
  • Every time I try, I get disappointed

Within complaints and statements is the core of resistance. 

If we see change and shifting as fearful, we create resistance.  We look for guarantees of success that will make us feel better, but our feelings are what keep us from creating the results we want.

I remember the first time I did a proposal that was over $100,000 for a year-long team training and coaching engagement.  You would have thought I was being tortured.  I had doubt, resentment at how hard it was going to be to convince the organization to hire me and I did so much research (on topics I had already co-authored 5 books on) that I ended up confused and stymied in my next steps.

I finally got my coach on the phone and “confessed” the issues I was having and we worked on my “stories” around a proposal of this amount of money.  There were issues for me to think through about deserving the dollars and now being the in the “big boys” world of proposal engagement.

Do you resist charging the dollars you are worth?  Do you hide when they are looking for a speaker for next month’s executive luncheon?  Do you underserve a client or prospect base because they are “better” or “smarter” than you?

That’s called resistance. 

We don’t like it.  It stops us from the success we want.  We get mad when we can’t get past it.  And we keep circling around the issues when in fact it is simple to solve them.

Let me help.  Success is a feeling and a habit that you can easily own. 

And by the way, I got the contract for the proposal.  The newest one is a dollar level I never ever thought this gal from Wisconsin could ever quote.  Watch me grow. 

Let’s grow you too.

To Your Success,

P.S.  Our VIP days and time together solve so many issues and ignite your remarkable talents and strengths.  Let’s do this.  Spring in Nashville is fabulous and I have some CW insider musicians that will help you paint the town if you decide to stay for a couple of days after our VIP time together.  Send me an email and let me know you want to do a VIP day.  Or go to the link on my www.NatalieManor.com website and fill out our VIP information.  Can’t wait to spend time with you. 

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