The following recommendations that I will be making are based on my 30 years of working with and coaching Leaders, Business Owners and Executives.  I am not a medical practitioner, but I do know that shifting our awareness of how we are handling nutrition and stress positively change the outcomes we so want to achieve.

Male, 38 years old:  Charlie was handsome, funny and talented…and that is what he thought he had lost.  His second marriage was going ok, but he communicated less and less.  Everything seemed hard and his stepchildren were driving him a bit nuts.  He had an attitude and negative judgment about most things and felt like his life was in a rut.  He had never ever spoken to anyone about his sex life and his eating habits.  We had a discussion about what was working; what was not working and what he felt he had lost.  THE CHANGES:  Charlie went to his doctor and had a complete physical and blood work.  He was surprised by the results.  His blood work indicated some results that concerned him and frankly scared him.  His conversation with his doctor (at my pushy suggestion) about his sex life and energy supported his indicators and what could be “easy” shifts for him.  We started with his diet and nutrition.  He signed up for CrossFit; shifted his eating to ½ half of the meat he was consuming; added vitamin supplements; he and his wife instituted “date night” and he stopped listening to the talk radio for one month.  RESULTS:  He has lost 13 lbs.; his sex life is 100% better; his step kids are less irritating; CrossFit kicked his butt for 2 months and now he is early to his classes; date night has been a big success and the food in his house is different and delicious.  CHARLIE feels handsome, funny and talented again for a number of reasons, but mostly he stopped beating himself up with negative self-talk. 

My experience with my remarkably talented clients and audiences is that the chronic self-doubt (CSD) is supported by the chronic self-talk.  The negative conversations we have in our head deplete the positive occurrences because the negativity is constant and the positive is less frequent.

When I ask my clients to write out the negative conversations they are having with themselves, the language is condescending; insulting; inaccurate and NEVER positive.

When asked what their accomplishments have been, there have been many.  When I ask them how they celebrate their accomplishments, they mostly are silent.

Their response is something like this:  “Natalie, when I do something right, it is part of my job and I should know how to do it.  I am busy and just move to the next thing”. 

My example of celebration, especially to the sports people, what does the guy do in the end zone when completing a touchdown?  Everyone goes crazy and celebrates. Why?  Cause it is a big deal.  Is that person supposed to complete touchdowns? Yes – then why celebrate. Cause it is a big deal. 

For those of you who spend any time around kids, they celebrate everything. Clapping, stomping, dancing, twirling and laughing.  

Be more of a kid. 

Lose the negative stinker in your head. 

Laugh.  Twirl.  Dance.  Clap.  In the office.  In front of people.  Do it for them. Clap for them when they complete a project; sale; are on time; show up for a tough meeting; design the perfect proposal for a prospect. 

CELEBRATE.  Who cares if it is your job and you “ought” to know and do and get it done. 

During my coaching calls, I clap for my clients and use a “hand” horn for them.  They laugh and love it.  These are people who are running big businesses; huge teams; high stakes events; developing an IPO and designing their first business plan.

They LAUGH and giggle and love it. 

Even my stuffy clients laugh.  Why? Because laughter indicates the reduction of stress and that everything is ok in that moment.
Chronic Self-Doubt is an indication you have not done enough laughing and celebrating…and you are believing that negative stinker in your head.  

Call me – we can clap together – I do an exquisite twirl that my little grandgirl taught me and I will teach it to you.  You cannot help but laugh.

To Your Success,

P.S.  It is time you do an assessment to see who you are today.  It is so valuable the information you get and our debrief together will be mind-blowing.  You can find it here or email me personally and let me know you want to do an assessment. 


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