“Now is the time.  Here is the place.  And you need to get on it before it is too late.” 
Geezzz don’t you just love it when someone decides your timing?  I don’t.  Except when they are right and I have been hiding or avoiding the obvious which is…
“How are you doing?”  We are seldom really honest when others ask us how we are.  We answer in the affirmative…”ya, I am just good”…when, in fact, a big hug, drink and nap would be most welcome.
Outside of your office door or home door or car door right now is chaos.  It affects us in so many ways that after a time, how we act is how we think we are acting ok.  Or working.  Or thinking.  Or anything.
I want you to take an assessment – our SnapShot – of who you are today, so you can start making decisions based on who you are/want/need this day.
When I first took my first assessment, I was pretty sure that all of my challenges were not real.  Well, there they were right on the assessment report page.  Whoa, hide that copy.  I don’t want anyone to see where I have challenges. 
AND on my first assessment, I also met a  remarkable woman who was talented in so many ways and had great strengths in so many areas of my personal and professional life.  ME. 
I was denying my challenges and dismissing my strengths at the same time.
No wonder I was off-kilter and unsure much of the time.  But here is what I learned:

  • Do not hire me to be your CPA – I can run the numbers and earn the dollars, but keeping track in a logical way, not so much
  • DO hire me for support and content creation because I understand human behavior and can help in immediate ways – I thought I was just a chatting thing – was not sure it was ever a talent because my family of origin sure made it seem like a huge deficit
  • Do not hire me to plan the architectural components of your new facility – I am still trying to figure out how they get all those wires inside the walls
  • DO hire me to lead, communicate, evaluate, relate, support, shift/change behavior in others with remarkable efficiency, success and insight

Let me digress here.  The last 20 years has seen tumultuous changes in the workplace too numerous to detail here.  But the one idea that stuck, that should not have stuck, is when you lose someone from your team (laid off or fired) you don’t replace them with another human.  You split up the work that will need to be done among those left to run the business; project; team; facility; organization.
Now we are faced with committed people who are doing work they never wanted to do; are not talented enough to do well; are overworked and chronically stressed.  How many pieces of work did your boss give to you because someone was no longer available to do the work??

You take into consideration the technological changes (with no onboarding on how a company uses their technology especially email) and the mess just gets bigger.
But what about you???
And that is what this blog is all about.  YOU.
Would you like to know what your talents, strengths, challenges and remarkable characteristics are?  Today?  The real you?
And when you find out, you will be in the most powerful place of your life.  You get to choose what your next steps are based on who you are today.
Woohoo.  Boom.  Yeee haw.  As a coach and as an assessment taker and “debriefer”, when someone takes their assessment and finds out their valuable results, it floors them. 
They discover their leadership skills.  Why communication can be so challenging with some people.  What they value in their life.  Who they are today and how cool that is.  Our SnapShot is all of this and a basket of cookies.
Take the assessment. 

I am not sending you to a sales page to buy anything.  I am inviting you to my personal email to have a conversation about your next steps in taking the SnapShot assessment
My team and I are going global in 3 weeks with the SnapShot and increasing the price, among other things.
Send me an email and let me know you would like to take the SnapShot.  It will be just you and me.  An hour of debriefing with me and action steps that you decide based on information that is you today – powerful, real and yours to decide.


I am looking forward to hearing from you…really.  You will love the information and how valuable and cool you really are…guaranteed. 

To Your Success,

P.S.  Email me to take the SnapShot.  Remember, it’s just you and me.  Here is the SnapShot assessment center.

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