What a great program – Returning The Favor –  and it is only shown on Facebook.  Mike Rowe goes around the country finding “do-gooders” that serve their communities by giving their time; talents; smarts; to help the people have better lives.  If you have not watched it, please go find it and watch at least a couple of episodes.  It will open your heart and allow you to feel good about the “good” in our world again.  It is a short 20-minute program each time…I hope you take your time to watch it.

The episode I just watched helped me re-center myself on what is most important to me and to move away from the news today, which was negative and felt pretty hopeless.

 We can get mad all day long at the politicians and Washington DC establishment.  It will take all of our energy and gratitude away.  Worldwide, the news is no better – greed, war, famine, corruption……..
BUT if you can still take a breath and allow yourself a bit of a smirk, you can find, all over our country, people doing the following during the Governments partial shutdown: 

  • Discounts on food for Federal employees at so many restaurants
  • Service clubs cooking and distributing food for families hurting during the shutdown
  • Credit Unions welcoming their members to helping those that need short term loans to pay their bills
  • Families lending dollars and time and support to a situation that currently does not seem to have a solution
  • Second Harvest foods funding raising just for the foods for the shutdown and delivering it today, tomorrow and for the duration 

(and if you look more closely, you will see that there are so many people helping our homeless; elderly; lost; veterans; disabled – a country of “do-gooders”)
You know, we all sometimes have a hard time asking for help. 


Social Media is our connection and our support when we need it.  Reach out and ask for help or reach out and offer help.
So many of us have never ever been hungry or homeless or without a paycheck.  (I hope you never will be.)
The Federal Government can be a total pain in the neck, however, the people who help run it with inspections in food and travel; taking care of the paperwork flow; issuing permits; running out parks with precision and beauty…and so many more, need us right now.
If you have a favorite non-profit that you like, get in touch with them and ask them if they need help during this time.  You can give money, time, supplies and your prayers.
My blog is most often about behavioral performance, leadership and communication.  I coach “humans” in creating clarity and effectiveness in their personal and professional lives so you can create confident success for themselves and those around them.

There is no better time than to apply these principles than right now with the people who need us and a country in need of some confident success.
Many thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.
To Our Confident Success and Giving,

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