Dragging your feet to finding out how talented you are, what your skills are and how remarkable you really are, is no longer ok.  I know you are good, but do you?? 
I’ve listened to 6 leaders in the self-development industry and the performance success gurus this past week.  They are saying that it is time for us to take action for ourselves, to create a more positive atmosphere…in all areas of our lives. 
Here is what you cannot change: 

  • Your partner’s behavior
  • Your boss’s patterns
  • The way the sun rises and sets
  • The direction water flows 

You can only change you, your patterns and your potential.
Other than the gigantic emphasis on the negative in our world right now which we hear about 24/7, we have only one job and that is to take care of our: 

  • Wellness and balance
  • Attitude and mental health
  • Rest and performance
  • Circumstances we can contribute to with integrity and grit 

We need to change the headlines in our lives from the negative to the positive that supports our confidence, safety and effectiveness.
We deserve this.  We can do this.  We have the ability to support ourselves in a dynamic and powerful way, right here and right now.    

Do you know what happens when you are well rested, safe, confident and performing well?  YOU FEEL GOOD.  But you have to take some time to support you.  Meditation works.  More sleep is recommended.  Some good nutrition on a daily basis is great. Learning to breathe deeply for decreasing stress and anxiety is excellent.  
“Natalie, I don’t have any time for me.”  Exactly, and that is why you are having a tough time.  If you don’t take care of you, who will??
Pick one, just one, new practice for 10-15 minutes per day and you will begin to feel and see the difference immediately.
For all of those that you feel responsible to and for, will benefit from a well-rested and confident you.  You will feel good, confident and back on track with you and your life.
That I promise.

Here is a video on breathing. This has helped many to remember to breathe and to breathe well enough to create good moments when needed.  Not with a margarita (which is a nice touch sometimes) or drugs.  Just using your breath.  But you have to remember to breathe and I recommend using your device to schedule 2-4 times a day to remind you to just breathe.  My clients use their devices for all kinds of reminders and one of them is breathing well and often during their very busy and stressful days.  All of them have reported relief from anxiety and stress when remembering to breathe. 
2019 is rushing at us…it is calling to us even before we have finished 2018.  The time between the end of the year and the beginning of a brand new year is short.  HOWEVER, you can help guarantee a good ending and a great beginning to this year and next.
I would like to suggest that taking my leadership, communication and behavioral performance assessment called “SnapShot” to ground you in who you really are right now, right here.  It is a remarkable document of how you are; what your talents and skills are and what drives your commitments and contributions to your personal and professional life.  See the link below send me a note that you are ready to take you enlightening assessment.

To your success,

P.S.  “Natalie, I want to have an assessment that tells me who I am today…my skills, competencies, talents, motivation, communication style and all the other remarkable characteristics about me.” Click here

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