There are some horrifying stats just announced in the last few weeks.  One that could not only concern you, but might have even affected you, that is the age of people dying is no longer climbing, but going in the opposite direction. For the last 3 years, people in the USA have been dying at a younger age.

Why is this alarming?  Because people have been living longer (and better lives) for the past 50 years. Each statistic talks about how we are living longer and more healthy lives. 

It is not any longer stress we are talking about as a problem, but a true onset of anxiety and worry as a “natural” way of feeling.  Running our lives on a daily basis worried and filled with anxiety.  I remember delivering dozens of presentations on stress and the top tips to reduce stress.  I even have shared with you in the last few weeks, the “NO Stress Holiday Tips”.  When stress turns into anxiety, it is time to take action for yourselves.

We have a choice about how we feel and I think we have forgotten that we can feel good even when things are hard.

Remember, your body remembers and believes every word that comes out of your mouth.  Every word. 

If you say it is bad; hopeless; impossible; screwed up; and/or “nothing” you can do about whatever it is you are feeling…you are right.

There seems to be an energy attaching to us that creates confusion and anger. 

So let me see if I can help you choose an evenness and confidence for your life, that is immediate and works!! 

Here are some immediate solutions and methods you can use, without delay:

  • Affirmations – Louise Hay built a multi-million dollar business out of promoting affirmations as a way to get healthy and stay healthy.  She was raped, starved, abandoned and ridiculed in her life – she cured her own cancer and lived to write her book “You Can Heal Your Life” that has sold 100 million copies.  She is a good resource.  
  • Body Stance – Tony Robbins has trained 50 million people to use their bodies to create their confident success.  He says that how you hold your body is how you hold your life.  Tony stated “life is messy” and has provided millions of people the resource to stand in their power, immediately, and move from self-doubt to confident success.  His audio program Unleash The Power Within” has sold millions of copies and inspired many of us to take back our lives, right now.  
  • Abraham Hicks – is a spiritual resource that is associated with Ester Hicks. I have followed Abraham for years with confidence and gratitude.  We deserve our confident selves and Abraham has simple, effective and immediate support for all of us.  

The Bible, Koran, Tau and multiple other learned resources, have espoused the habit of daily writing down or sharing what you are grateful for.  It is said that gratitude opens you to your good, confident success and helps to banish self-doubt. The list of what you are grateful for can be as simple as:

I am Grateful for: 

  • Breathing
  • Ability to walk
  • Phone battery working longer than expected so you can make that important call
  • Children sleeping later so you can continue your rest
  • Grandparents who are interested in helping
  • Family, church, good boss, money in your pocket, found that “thing” that you had lost
  • Saying I love you, hearing someone tell me that they love me 

I offer these resources to you so your anxiety and worry are reduced, right here and right now.  And also because it works!!

You are a remarkable human who is experiencing more stress than feels fair or manageable. 

Let me help.

To your success,

P.S.  Again, let me recommend Louise Hay and Tony Robbins books that are located in our “Best Reads” list.  Be safe and know you can have less worry immediately, right here and right now. 

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