So what will it take for you to drop the “excuses” and put yourself first in the shifts that need to be taken to improve: 

  • Work/Life Balance and lose that 25 lbs?
  • Your critical judgments of pretty much everyone who does not
    agree with you? 
  • Mold your team into a well-honed profit producing tribe?
  • Earn the money you deserve and build a “wealth” attitude and bank account?
  • Your ability to show, with confidence, those that need to see your talents and strengths? 

Coaching…you need a coach.  You need a coach now because you are resisting your success by trying to “do” with your current perceptions, mindset, skills and attitude.
Most of you are remarkable and terrific….but there are parts of you that create the lack of consistent success, self-satisfaction and mentally beat the snot out of yourself 24/7.  You are smart, caring, and motivated to do well…so what good steps are you taking to guarantee your success?
There is this critical messenger in your head that feeds into that which cannot work well and your ego keeps you from taking deep care of your wondrous next steps.

Let me share some of my client’s successes this year: 

  • She shifted from “righteous” judger of her boss and earned a double promotion with a HUGE money increase – she allowed herself to get clear on what real communication can do.
  • She cleared out 10 of the 50 “things” needed to be done  –  that were not her job and not her responsibility, but she thought she would get credit for doing so much more than expected……..not!!  And she created a new title, new staff and more money when she was told at the beginning of the year none of this could happen. 
  • She fired the worst and hired the best people she has ever had – learned how to communicate clearly, easily and with influence.
  • He finally revealed his desire to help with a troubled project; wrote an outline of outcomes and was given the go ahead and a lot of money…no one knew that he had the interest or talents until he spoke up.

There are so many more stories of moving from self-doubt to confident success… 

We can do things with our coach that we cannot and will not do on our own.  We either perceive it as too hard or we can’t see “the forest for the trees”.  Meaning we are trying to solve the issue from the position of the problem.  Einstein spoke about this often in his work and how changing your perception allowed guaranteed success. 
Lots of people spent time with their families and friends during Thanksgiving.  I bet much of the conversation and captions over our heads, were “I cannot believe she or he thinks that”.  I might say the same for you. 
You cannot succeed without thinking with a perspective of success; possibilities; outcomes; fresh information and desire.
Yes, you deserve an excellent coach, but that is not the only reason people succeed and are willing to shift and change.  It is because they are supported and can now see the world through eyes of what is really happening…not the self-critical, demeaning stinker in their head.
I have a coach and she does not let me get away with anything…she knows I want success, peace and contribution to be my highest values. That is exactly what I want for the people I work with.
You cannot shrink in a coaching engagement.  You can become immensely proud of your new skills and mindset.  People will recognize the differences and so will you…OMG. 

Here are my coaching testimonials:  These people are you.  Read their stories and know you can shift to the place that would be most important to you.

I would love to be your coach.

To your success,

P.S.  I would be pleased to support your journey to the best, most successful and remarkable you. Find out more here or email me. I’m happy to help.
P.P.S.  Here are the “NO Stress Holiday Tips” for you and yours.  Share them.  They work.

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