It’s a long title, but a simple process to confidently communicate…clearly, effectively, well and now.

And if you need more than the following tips, my “Confident Business Communication Etiquette” link is here and in the P.S. below.

Communication tips that work EVERY time in improving your business communication process:

  • Cell phone etiquette is the same as listening etiquette – present, interested and follow up. Put your phone down. Watching it on the table in front of you is an affront to communication etiquette – you are not listening…you are checking your phone even if it is 17 inches away from your hand.
  • Email needs to be returned.  It is NOT ok to ignore email messages. If you are copied, like dozens of other people on an email, ask to be removed from the list. If you have an inquiry, unless it is porno or spam, it requires an answer. The excuse of you getting 500 emails a day and not responding, is a process problem you need to handle. However, communicating with emails that need your response is still necessary. If you need more time, then respond and let people know that. Equally a problem, is responding when not ready with the information needed.  I removed thousands of emails from all sorts of places in my retention and marketing system. Yes, it took some time, but now I have a system for what is most important to me and what I want to receive. 
  • Accountability is key to being trusted and respected. You need to be clear about what is “due” and when and then fulfill the needs of the requested information; project; team commitment etc. If you have questions, ask them. If you were not listening well with the original conversation about the details, re-ask. It can be the difference between a good communication reputation or not.
  • In person communication, eye contact, body language, and listening create the atmosphere of being present with other(s).  Being listened to equals being respected. When you have eye contact and your body language indicates you are listening, it creates a powerful form of communication and ease. 
  • Business cards and email signatures. Periodically, you need to review the information you are sharing about who you are. When I attend a conference as a keynote speaker or presenter, when someone exchanges business cards with me, I’m truly confused if they have crossed out information. I think people have forgotten that if you share business cards, it needs to reflect you and what you represent. Make it good, clear, concise and accurate. There are 10 resources online that can help you create a business card (and other identifying business information) and will get the physical cards to you within days. 
  • Pick up the phone and make a call. Yes, texting is efficient and fast. However, a phone call makes all information clear; connects you in a professional way and shows you are interested in communicating well.  It also shows respect for the person needing the information.

“Confident Business Communication Etiquette” (BCE) has so many more tips and pieces of great information to help you create clear, effective and confident communication.

If you have any people on your staff, team or organization that could use some “cliff notes” on communicating, this is a great eBook for them.  

I am delighted with all the responses we have received from the hundreds of people who downloaded my eBook and found great tips and insights to help them communicate more effectively. 

To your success,

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