Our world – our planet – has survived and then thrived through wars, plagues, and terrible rulers of multiple countries.
The pressure we are feeling now and dealing with now is the constant and immediate details prominently displayed through technology and our devices.  We are connected to everything at every moment.  

  • Weather
  • Shootings
  • Disasters
  • Financial crisis 

We barely catch our breath before the next scary and numbing situation shows up for us to experience and react to.
Our hearts are broken and our values are challenged.  It is a human’s natural body chemistry to react to things we fear or cannot control.  The reptilian brain that has kept us alive for millions of years, because of the reaction to fight or flight, is now overwhelmed.  As we are pulsed negatively, we begin to react with anger, rage and anxiety. 

Our bodies and minds ARE NOT set up to be in a constant state of stress and danger.  Especially stress we do not feel we can handle or fix. 

Our negative reactions are natural and our bodies’ defense to keep us alive and well. 
So how do we protect ourselves from this constant and debilitating information storm and emotion? 

  • Stop listening to the 24/7 news cycle – give yourself a breather and break from the constant barrage
  • Take a look at your nutrition and begin to eat well – your body will respond with deep thanks
  • SLEEP – your body needs rest and does most of its “repair” during sleep
  • VOTE
  • Breathe deeply and often – I suggest to my clients that they use their devices to set up 2-3 alarms a day to remind them to breathe 
  • Take breaks – one of my favorites is wall push-ups which defuses the stress and is easy to do 

We have an ancient and loving reminder that is true and has served us well:
“This too shall pass”. 
Take care of you…now.  Begin to shift one pattern that is not serving you and allow yourself to breathe and rest.  You can change your reaction and begin to live for you and what you value.
Let me know how I may help.

To your healthy success,



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