There is a bowl of ice cream and my favorite peppermint tea on my desk with me while I write this blog to you and for you.  Normally I would have cleared the area, put my notes together and given myself a specific space during the day to write my blog. 

Today, because I have dug out 50 lbs. of paperwork from my files and I am going to the shred store, again, I am celebrating with ice cream.  Later I will skip out the door to my beloved garden and wander on this perfect TN day of sunshine and cool breezes.

Consistency, frequency, and focus (CFF) have been a theme for myself, my staff and my clients since I started my career and work as a coach, author, and keynoter.  As an entrepreneur with lots of times too many ideas and wanderlust as an influence, I found that my CFF commitment pretty much kept me working well, creatively and with timely depth. 

Consistency – what do I do well and do all the time: 

  • Write
  • Speak/Facilitate
  • Coach
  • Read, learn, apply
  • Influence
  • Mastermind
  • Contribute and volunteer
  • Make time for my family

Frequency for support and contribution:

  • Write everyday
  • Contact with my family and grandkids every day
  • 24/7 support to my clients
  • 3-5 times a week listen to or read inspirational and nonfiction information
  • Text, speak with, email with my clients daily including weekends if needed
  • Market my talents so people know they can call on me for learning, coaching, speaking, content
  • Say my prayers, fill in my gratitude journal, dream and visualize, meditate
  • Fill my body with good nutrition (sometimes ice cream) and support my body with supplements


  • Support clarity with clients to remove self-doubt and build their confident success
  • Family, friends, community, business markets, global concerns
  • Business trends that affect myself and my clients
  • Nature and how to contribute to the well being of the earth
  • Wellness and attracting abundance and love
  • Asking “what” questions to get to the soul of all issues and challenges

Why am I sharing this very personal strategy with you?  Because it has gotten me out of debt; attracted a wonderful and lucrative business; allowed me to be healthy and grateful even in the tough times; provided me with a stellar family and relationships that are golden; keeps me humble and creative; lets me be fully “awake” and present during my days.

So the digging out the 50 lbs of paperwork is a commitment to clearing out and cleaning up that which I no longer need.  I became aware of how crowded and cluttered my office was getting.  I asked my “what” questions and determined less would serve me better. It also allowed me to look at past paperwork that was no longer true or accurate…AND TOSS IT. 

What methods do you have working for you to keep you consistent in your daily commitments, the value of frequency in how to run your days and the consistency of knowing who you are and what is most important to you?

There are hundreds of ways to stay consistent, frequent and focused.  I chose my way because it works well for me.  What works well for you?  What would work well for you?  Let’s do a VIP day together and find out.

To your success,

P.S.  I am putting together a 3-week program (webinar/telecall) on my core coaching “From Self Doubt to Confident Success” starting in November – to help you complete your year well and in a thriving mode… AND to start 2019 with a confident method for consistently producing focused and frequent success, faster than you ever thought possible.  If you are interested in knowing more about the program, email me I guarantee the “shifting” results of the program will be remarkable for you!!   

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