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For the past week, the issues of anger, disappointment, and rage has taken over our media and lives.   Do not for one minute think it does not affect you in so many ways. 

Rage and anger keep us from clarity, completion and being grateful for our lives.

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“So Natalie, you think we have anything to be grateful for in this %^&*() world…especially the political and business issues?”


We can easily count the blessings and be grateful for:

  • Food in our bellies
  • Transportation to get us to where we need to go
  • First responders coming to our front door
  • Warmth or cooling, depending on the need
  • Clothes that fit and keep us safe
  • Housing with a roof over our heads
  • Some money in our pockets or accounts

Those are the basics that create safety and security.  They may not resonate as the performance success results you wanted to produce today, but they also solve many issues that billions of people have…every day. 

Gratitude is a practice.  Like saying “thank you”.  Being appreciative of the moment when we are safe; clothed; fed, and warm.

Our rage and anger keep us from seeing and feeling any gratitude because of the stupid bad stinkers out there; on the phone; on the road; in our offices etc that we JUDGE so severely to keep us right. 

Control is not being right.  Control and success come from listening to what is being said without the judgment.  This communication skill is sorely lacking in too many situations we find ourselves in.

We are not letting “others” be who they are.  Say what they need to say. Operate in their behavioral skill set.

NO ONE IS RIGHT!!  When did that happen?  And why did we let that go? The rules for conversing have changed dramatically – hardly do we allow others to communicate by listening.  Everything seems to stimulate us to anger and rage.

There is more to be had.  You deserve to solve your issues and problems without anger and rage.  Here are some tips for you:

  • Breathe  –  when confronted, time and time again during the day, breathe…deeply
  • Count to 10 or 100.  Respond rather than reacting.  Choose your response
  • Listen to what is being said rather than what you think they might be saying
  • Ask questions and make sure that others are heard and supported
  • Breathe some more

I would like to share something I read from The Talmud which resonated and helped me:

“Do not be daunted
by the enormity
of the world’s grief.
Do justly, now.
Love mercy, now.
Walk humbly, now.
You are not obligated
to complete the work,
but neither are you free
to abandon it.”

We have the problem of being overly stimulated and having a hard time finding our way back to our remarkable, compassionate, smart self.  Let me help you transform from unsettled and filled with self-doubt to your confident successful you.

To Your Success,

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