People are worried about their income; money; stocks; 401K, real estate holdings; savings etc.  2008 was 10 years ago, but from a money point of view, it feels very close and continues to create worry, even with those who make great money.

How much money is enough money?  If no amount of money makes you feel safe and confident, then the review of these habits will be a good reminder for you.  Avoiding the truth of your money habits will keep you guessing and worried about how much money is enough.

Here are some common habits/attitudes you might want to take a look at, especially if they are part of your money habits: 

  • You think no amount of money will ever be enough
  • You will end up homeless or a bag lady
  • You never open up your financial statements whether paper or electronic
  • Stingy attitudes and judgments have developed
  • Whatever money you receive, it not safe or enough
  • You think you have disappointed your family
  • You feel completely unsure if the way you manage your dollars is right for you and your family 

A Client Story:  She was senior nurse with a fine organization.  She made great money; was a single mom of 3 with little help from her ex; her credit score was terrific; she paid her bills and had terrific nutrition habits. And she did not have one penny in savings.  When we started our work together we explored her beliefs about money and she was absolutely sure that her “life success” would disappear at any moment. She was not safe with money in any situation, even though, to this place in her life, she had done well.  After a full behavioral assessment, we discovered the stops that she needed to know – her habits to shift and overcome.

Instead of rushing to develop several financial solutions, we decided she would put a $20.00 bill in the top drawer of her bedroom dresser the same day each week.  She was not allowed to spend any of the money. When she was ready (and clear she could save money easily) we took all those $20.00’s to a small Credit Union and opened some accounts.  She had a certain percentage of her income electronically deposited to these accounts.  This story has a lovely and happy ending:  within 2 years she was able to significantly pay for her daughter’s college; rehabbed her home and sold it for a huge profit and is financially supporting a non-profit she loves.  And yes, she still puts the $20.00 into her top drawer every week as a reminder that she is good at handling her money.

What shifted?  She found out she was NOT inept at handling her dollars.  She had been afraid to share with anyone about her finances because she “knew” that she was not a good money manager.  She avoided criticism that did not exist. 

I know that most of us would love to make more money, but that usually is not the basis of our money issues (not enough money or fear of not enough money).  We learn very early from our families and institutions that money is hard to manage and hard to earn.  This is not true unless you are afraid of not taking care of your dollars well.

Buying discounted products; getting the best deal on something; coupons; playing the lottery – all of these are good in their own way, but you cannot shift your money attitude through being in a scarcity mindset.

I and my clients have overcome:

  • Really bad credit scores
  • Deep debt
  • Reluctance to learn how to handle the dollars now
  • The shame of thinking you are a money loser

Understand please, that even people making very very good incomes, have shame about their dollars.  Let me work with you on this.  I can help you to stop hiding from your dollars and to create a money plan that works well for you.

To Your Success,

P.S.  VIP with me and let’s overcome your Money issues.  We will spend time looking at your current way of handling your money; what would work better and put together an action plan that will assure your money confidence.  Send me an email and let me know you want to VIP with me.  Confident money habits…you deserve these and I can help.

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