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At NMA we are privileged to work with some of the best and brightest business leaders and owners in the world. Often they share their successes with us so that we can share them with you.

Recent Speaking Engagements


Natalie, you are just good! You care and the people know it. You are funny. Your content is always perfect and I never have to worry about whether you will hit the mark with what we are trying to provide to our participants. You always hit the bulls-eye. Don’t ever say no when I ask you to come speak…please?

– Julia Phelps, Mass Department of Education, former Superintendent of Schools

While I had no doubt that you would be an interesting, engaging speaker, I was also pleasantly surprised that you were able to tailor your presentation so well for our particular group.  Here is some of the feedback from individuals from the group:

  • “Natalie Manor, Will grab your attention, and keep you spellbound, as she brings you from the very moment of your childhood to the present. Then as you recognize your fears & demons, & Christ has restored you, she teaches you the way to bring this to access, in a beautiful loving manner.”
  • “Natalie pushed my level of comfort to the edge. In the moment I was intrigued and slightly fearful of bringing up such deep emotion. In retrospect, I love that she was able to really make me be so introspective.”
  • “Natalie has a wonderful way of commanding the room. Her direct, honest approach is refreshing.”

On behalf of the Retreat Committee, I appreciate the valuable contribution your session made to our overall retreat. 

– Kiffin McCoy, 2015 Chair – St. Paul’s Women’s Retreat 

We thoroughly enjoyed your “Delivering Difficult Information Successfully” presentation at the WILL luncheon. Your presentation provided such timely and valuable information on how to deal with difficult issues that come up in the workplace.

Natalie, you are a very personal and energetic speaker. As I sat in the audience, you made us feel as though we were all long time friends!

Your “Delivering Difficult Information Successfully” presentation was fun and interactive and left a long lasting impression upon all of us. I heard audience members discussing how they were going to implement the tips and techniques they received from your informative session as they left the banquet hall.

We look forward to having you as a continued resource for WILL and our other Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce events.

– Susie Ryks, Membership Services Director, Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce

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I have been attending leadership conferences within the AAF 7th District for five years. By far you had captivated the group more than any other speaker I have ever seen. The breakout session was packed full. People with other meeting obligations left, to attend your session on delivery difficult information successfully after their meetings. In fact, people p9oured into the room until we were at capacity. People signed up for sessions, asked for additional information and asked so many questions that the breakout session lasted beyond the allocated time.

The beauty of NMA’s Roadmap for Extraordinary Success is that it is relevant no matter what job a person is in. Account Executives, Creative Directors, Agency Presidents, Media Buyers and others all benefit from your years of leadership and coaching success. The strength of your coaching is that you train people to use their own strengths on their own roadmap for success. Natalie, you are not a motivational speaker, you are “America’s Top Confidence Coach.” I feel your series is relevant and produces sustainable results with lasting positive effects. The AAF as a whole would benefit from your insight and leadership and I strongly recommend you as a speaker for our national convention,

– Scott Ermine, Co-Owner, Branding Iron Advertising    

The ‘Delivering Difficult Information workshop presented by NMA was definitely one of the most worthwhile professional development activities I have participated in. The concepts addressed helped give me perspective on situations in my own workplace, and I was able to apply them immediately.

– Christian M. Thomas, Education Writer, Kingsport Times-News

Thank you so much for speaking to our Kiwanis club! I had a feeling from meeting you and talking with you, that the presentation would be excellent, but it was even better than expected! You have a real gift for connecting with an audience and getting your message across.

I’ve had members comment to me before about various programs I’ve brought to the club, but this time must have been a record for the number of folks who told me how valuable your talk was and how they might utilize the points you made about public speaking the next time they were called upon to make a presentation.

Please don’t make this a one and done. It was a delight to have you and I hope you’ll come back again in the near future.

– Steve Fuchar, CPA & Treasurer – Murfreesboro Kiwanis Club 

I really enjoyed your session and have been using tidbits from it in my daily dealings. Thank you for making learning such an
enjoyable experience.

– Lucy H. Phillips, Volunteer Services Manager

The format of your Leadership Presentation Skills and Public Speaking workshop really flows nicely.  I’ve taken much more expensive courses with not as much benefit.

– Beth Ahern, Senior Information Systems Engineer

Natalie is a woman who not only walks her talk; she leaps her talk. Natalie is guided by her tremendous faith in what’s possible and in what she can make happen.

– Morgaine Mary Beck, Life Coach

NRG held its annual Women in Power Technical Roundtable in April 2017; Natalie was a guest speaker. Listening to Natalie speak is like having an old friend give you a pep talk. She moves through the room effortlessly and engages whole groups with ease. Her presentation on Confident Communications: Delivering Difficult Information Successfully was a highlight for the 85+ attendees.

Feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. Attendees commented on Natalie’s ability to captivate the room and the value of the tools she provided- tools which empowered them to reach for challenges they might otherwise have let pass by. The attendees also commented that they are now  prepared to take actions, such as employing better listening skills, setting expectations, and defining desired outcomes prior to face to face meetings. They are adopting new skills, such as minimizing internal negative thinking, asking “What and How” instead of “Why” and lessening the use of words that diminish their message, such as “so,” “sorry,” and “think.”

Natalie continually reminded attendees that they were at the conference for a reason: their supervisors saw value in them, and they should recognize that value. She conveyed the importance of getting rid of unproductive habits that do not support personal needs and goals as well as identifying what needed to be learned to move forward. She even scheduled a post-conference check-in call to follow up with attendees on how they’d used some of the skills discussed during the conference.

On behalf of NRG’s Women in Power, thank you, Natalie- the guidance, skills, and tools you shared will prove (and are already proving) to be invaluable resources both in and out of the workplace

– Carolann Smith, Director-Training, NRG

Thank you for the outstanding job your did in presenting “WOMEN Leaders” at our Annual Meeting and Convention.  This was the first time we had offered a women’s only breakout and your message was a huge success.

Your energy and enthusiasm was contagious and your ability to connect with our attendees really seemed to keep them engaged and excited about your message.  Thanks for putting this program together and uplifting the women leaders of our credit union movement in Kansas.

– Gina Evans, AVP Education and Training, Kansas Credit Union Association

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As a professional REALTOR, I serve buyers and sellers regarding real estate transactions.  As you can imagine, it is not easy to deliver difficult information whether it be to Sellers expecting a higher offer or Buyers whose offer was declined.  This was my motivation for attending the Natalie Manor & Associates “Delivering Difficult Information Successfully” Workshop. 

During the course of the workshop, the opportunity to absorb the information provided and to participate in actual case study analysis and presentation was most invaluable.  I found your repeated suggestion of ‘be curious’ to ‘dig deeper to get to the root of the matter’ was most enlightening.  I experienced (vs. learned) that there is more beneath the surface than meets the eye when digging for more information through the exercises.  I also gained a greater appreciation for the various behavioral styles through the leadership and communication assessment as to how each profile communicates, which has been helpful in providing comparative market analyses for listing agreements thereby understanding what motivates people and being able to recognize how to effectively deal with others.

All in all, improved communications skills reduce stress and conflict.  Now that’s a recipe for success! 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the contribution NMA made not only in the arena of effective communications through techniques, tactics and tips, but also the generosity provided in offering the workshop without fee.  Ipswich Rotary Charitable Trust Fund is the recipient of ~$2500 (final numbers yet to be verified) and this contribution enabled Friends Forever group of Israeli teens (Arabs and Jews) to visit the US and promote world peace and understanding through daily interaction among these teens in their visit to Rotary Clubs in the Northeast.  Thank you Natalie Manor and Associates for not only the expertise imparted in the workshop regarding effective communication skills but also the impact you have made in promoting world peace and understanding through
your generosity. 

– Ingrid F. Miles, President, Ipswich Rotary Club

After only one hour in Natalie’s presentation/workshop, I was given the insights and guidance to handle a minimum of three difficult situations I was dreading and procrastinating in dealing with! It was an incredible hour and helped me personally and professionally see how important it is to know myself and what I want to LISTEN!

– Vicki Mills, VP, Imedia Group, Former AAF District 7 Governor

We have enjoyed having you so much. Thank you for your willingness to put together talk for our East TN Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals so quickly.

You are an energetic and dynamic speaker that interacted with our group brilliantly while staying on topic. We appreciate that you researched our needs as a group and didn’t fail on delivery.

You gave us timely, real world tips, techniques and strategies that we can use immediately in our professional lives. Your co-authored “Give Stress A Rest” is an invaluable tool for any professional dealing with the pace of business and stress in their lives.

– Jamie Gray, Treasurer, Association for Fundraising Professionals – Mountain Empire Chapter

I attended the Enterprise Bank Women in Business event in March. I had the pleasure of listening to Natalie speak to the group. She is a dynamic speaker with a fabulous message for all women that we can be whatever we want to be and more.  Every business woman should experience the empowerment I felt after her presentation.  I left the event knowing that I am Fabulous! Thank you Natalie!

– Sheryl A. Parsons, Branch Manager

I have attended countless conferences and workshops in my career and your presentation was by far the most informative, clear, practical and enjoyable presentation on Public Speaking.

– Phylene Farrell, Director

Sincerity speaks louder than words and people respond when they see that you are genuine.  Natalie is one of the few who understands this from a business point of view.  You are offering people a chance to be who they are rather than being a “product” of what others think they should be.

– Denise Highsmith, RN Community Outreach Coordinator

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I would say that the Natalie Manor’s training I went to on Delivering Difficult Information, was an eye opening and important reminder of what we already know, that you treat people the way you want to
be treated.

– Mara Olisky, Human Resource Director

The overall evaluation for the Conference rated it one of the best yet–and your participation as a presenter is reflected in that rating.

– Lisa Hanrahan, Organizational Capability, CUNA Mutual

GCPA emPOWERING Women’s Conference


Natalie gave an amazing and engaging presentation at our GCPA emPowering Women conference. Her insights and coaching were new, relevant, and actionable. Her workshop had illustrative examples that kept the audience captivated. Our takeaways from the workshop were topics of conversation long after we had returned to daily life. She is a joy to be around and she brings that energy and enthusiasm to her workshops and coaching.

Jennifer Schmitt

Senior Pricing Analyst, Direct Energy Residential

Let me share with you my feedback from your presentation:

  • Enjoyed a standalone workshop by Natalie which focused on Confident Communications: Delivering Difficult Information Successfully. This was the highlight for me of the November 2016 conference that I attended in Austin.
  • Natalie connected to each and every audience member with her caring, honest and engaging style which resulted in me quickly trusting her words and actions during the workshop. I valued her information because it is backed by years of experience managing her own pitfalls, challenges and relationships plus past coaching outcomes.
  • Understood that I need to get rid of unproductive habits that do not support my needs and goals (unlearning) as well as identifying what I need to learn going forward.
  • Left the workshop empowered and focused on what actions I need to employ (better listening skills, set expectations and define desired outcomes prior to face to face meetings, etc.). Having new tools in my toolbox is a great feeling!
  • Experienced an Ah-ha moment during the workshop when I realized that Natalie’s presentation would benefit my colleagues within NRG (Women in Power initiative) so I contacted her about a future speaking opportunity.
  • Appreciated and learned from the brave women who were willing to be coached by Natalie in front of an audience.
Carolann Smith, SHEP

Director-Training Plant Operations, NRG

“Your workshop, Confident Communication – Delivering Difficult Information Successfully, was my favorite part of the conference.  It is amazing to me how the 5 minutes you spent with my colleague Trish,  live coaching in front of the entire audience, really changed her view on how she handles challenges at work. 

Furthermore, the demonstration you did where you showed how powerful a student was before and after criticism really resonated with me.  Most of us can resist downward pressure applied to raised arms under normal circumstances.  What I learned was that even the strongest of people are impacted by criticism and could not resist the downward pressure and their arms went down.  I showed the ladies at my office the demonstration by falsely criticizing one of the ladies and she folded easily even though the things I was saying to her were not true.  I am really going to work on my self-affirmation and avoid talking negatively about myself after that example.”

Leticha "Tich" Aguirre

Manager, CPSEnergy

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